Symmonne Deccarrete de Villette

Symmonne, Symonne, Symmone, Symone

I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms (S.C.A., Inc.). An anachronism is something out of its proper time. The S.C.A. is a world-wide, non-profit educational organization whose purpose is the recreate the Middle Ages (600 A.D. to 1600 A.D.).

Within the S.C.A., I am known as milady Symmonne Deccarrete de Villette. My device of two dragons is registered with the College of Heralds of the S.C.A. I am interested in costuming, embroidery, heraldic art, and illumination. I am active in the bardic arts: I sing, tell stories and am learning to play the pipes.

I reside in the village of Villette in France, where I was born in 1444. I maintain the inheritance of my father who has left me: the estates of Ironmaid. I am the recent widow of Phillippe Deccarrete. To settle his estate, I am looking for his brother, so I have traveled to the Barony of Wealdsmere in the Kingdom of An Tir.

I am in fealty to Master Sir Aaron de Mantel a member of both the Knights of the Society and the Order of the Pelican, as his protégé. If I have performed any service with which you are pleased (or not!), he wants to know about it!

Crown Council (November A.S. XXXVIII) was a very big day for me. As part of the Wealdsmere Contrarians, we delighted the crowd with a dance of fairies and goblins. At the Royal Court of Gunnarr and Gabriell, I was honored to receive my first Forget-Me-Knot from Her Majesty. Then, Maestra Giuliana Audaci formally took me as her apprentice.

Sadly, Maestra Giuliana and her Lord, Baron William, took a leave of absence from our Society. She released me from my apprenticeship so that I might more formally be available to a new teacher.

Web Minister

I currently serve our Society as the web mistress for several of the branches in the Inland Region of Washington.

I share the use of an heraldic badge with my ancestor, Darbie of Ironmaid. If you visit my encampment, you will see many dragons: hers and mine.

Argent, gouty sable, a crab gules, a base, azure

There is one odd characteristic that is hard to recreate in the Middle Ages. I have been a vegetarian for over 20 years. My persona, therefore, is basically a very religious person who is always honoring the Lenten diet.

Symmonne's pavilion in the woods

I have personal experience in the construction (or making) of three pavilions:

  • My first pavilion was a 13 foot tall Viking pavilion (A frame).
  • My second pavilion was a small French Arming pavilion. (I called it my personal pan pavilion, because it's big enough for one!) After the above picture shown, I expanded the pavilion with a sleeping alcove out the back (with windows decorated with goutes and crabs) - it made the small area much more livable.
  • image of Symmonne and her fourth pavilion My third pavilion is not authentic: it is based on the 10-foot square merchant canopy available at Costco. I have, however, embellished it so that it still has a medieval feel. I have included windows decorated with goutes, to tie into my badge and award. I have painted red and black Celtic knotwork on the walls. I love it, though, because it is so large! I can breathe, I can sleep, I can comfortably stay out of the rain. I hope that you will drop by and visit if you see my dragons and crabs at an event.
  • And, in case three home-made pavilions were not enough, you should see my fourth pavilion. It's frame is a basic 9' market umbrella, with trapazoid side that spread to an octagon on the floor that's 15' across. And, since I've come to be so very fond of windows in our An Tir summers, it has five of them.


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Argent, a dragon gules & another sable combatant, tails nowed in a Ormand knot, breathing flames and in chief a flame per pale gules & sable.

Symmonne Deccarrete
de Villette