Symmonne Deccarrete de Villette

Symmonne, Symonne, Symmone, Symone

One can still use English words to puzzle through the correct pronunciation of my name.

'se' as in 'seam'
'MUN' as in 'money' or 'gun'

'dek' as in 'deck'
'kar' as in 'car' (automobile)
'ET' as in vet, get, or yet

with the French word, de, meaning 'of', the vowel sound is only slightly made. Could be pronounced like 'dug' or 'duh'.

VE as in 'me' or 'we'
'yet' as in vet, get or YET (I couldn't resist that!)


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Argent, a dragon gules & another sable combatant, tails nowed in a Ormand knot, breathing flames and in chief a flame per pale gules & sable.

How to Pronounce
Symmonne Deccarrete
de Villette