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Symmonne Deccarrete de Villette, Darbie of Ironmaid, Katla jarnkona

Did you know that the College of Heraldry in the SCA allows to you register up to four names and up to six pieces of graphic heraldry? (that would be one device and five badges)
But, as far as I know, I'm the only one (in An Tir) that I know that actually has six emblazons registered!

Darbie of Ironmaid
My coat of arms is blazoned per pale sable and argent, 2 dragons statant erect respectant counterchanged, breathing flames proper, a chief per pale ermine and counterermine. It was passed in January, 1994.
Symmonne Deccarrete
Argent, a dragon gules & another sable combatant, tails nowed in a Ormond knot, breathing flames and in chief a flame per pale gules & sable. It was passed in June, 2013.

When I developed my new persona as Symmonne, I wanted a new device to go with her.

But, why badges? In theory, a badge is a quick-and-dirty abbreviation of your device. If, for example, you have a complex field or lots of charges on your field, a shortened version of your device can be used as a sort of label: this-is-mine; that-is-mine.

I tried to get a badge registered with a dragon, but it's such a popular charge, it's very difficult to get the two points of difference with all the other dragon devices (the same rules of conflict apply to badges) with a very simple design (you can do things like split the dragon into halves of different colors, make it ermine, change the direction, change the position. Don't give up if you really want a dragon design. Work with your herald! As you can see, I do!).

Argent, gouty sable, a crab gules, a base, azure. Passed in March, 1999 Celtic Crab Badge

But, since I was having trouble (at the time) getting a simple dragon that I liked to pass, I went with something completely different. Since I'm a Cancer, and I have four other planets in Cancer and, you might have guessed, I'm somewhat of a crab anyway, I then decided to go with something completely different:

Argent, within a bordure sable, a fleur-de-lis per pale sable and azure. Passed in January, 2006 But, after a while of being 'Symmonne' and hanging out with the heralds Juliana and Richenda ("names and devices registered for cheap!"), I decided that it would be really nice to have some heraldry that tied in with my new French persona. How much more French could you be than to have a Fleur-de-Lis? This badge is so very simple, I used in on the last pavilion I made for the window design. image of Symmonne and her fourth pavilion

As my SCA experience continues to evolve, I am now wearing primarily Norse/Viking clothing. So, I decided to register an appropriate name for the culture: Katla járnkona. You can now see that fifth heraldic device, Fieldless, an cat statant regardant Azure. The SCA's College of Heralds does not register animals with Celtic knot work. However, once the device was passed, I started using artistic license for my cat with the Celtic tail. Also, I have this badge as a tattoo on my left upper arm (this design is a memorial to our beloved cat child, Phoebe, my last blue Burmese.

(Fieldless) A domestic cat statant regardant azure. Passed in February, 2006 In Memory of Phoebe

Sable, on a chevron inverted argent three clovers sable, in chief a lion rampant argent. Passed January, 2014 Since the College of Heralds will only allow the registration of six devices, I had to think very carefully about my sixth design (if I decide to register another, I have to 'release' one - like that's going to happen!). My friends know me as a 'Twi-hard' (a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series). And, while I have, over the years, develoed a fondness for Jacob, I am definitely on Team Edward (nom! nom! nom! Who says you can't look?). So, my final entry into my personal heraldry hall-of-fame is my homage to the Twilight: as close as I could get to the Cullen family crest (I couldn't include the palm affronty - that would be what they call slot machine heraldry). Note to the heralds: I know that this design is more Victorian than SCA period, but it's what I wanted! So, thanks!

When I attend Kingdom events and the heraldry meetings, I don't identify myself as a branch herald, I say that I'm a heraldic pusher! I'm not often able to completely assist with the registration of arms and badges, but I'll help you work with a herald to develope unique and suitable arms! I've helped a lot of people with the art for their submissions. I maintain the on-line heraldry flash cards for the Kingdoms of the Knowne World, An Tir Kingdom Officers, An Tir baronies, Inlands branches and Wealdsmere sergeants.


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