Heritage Quilts
by Darbie Marlin

For those of us who love original quilt designs, we can truly treasure a great quilt, a quilt that can enter into our family history and become heritage within the family.

My mother made a quilt for each of her children (okay, at least for all of the girls, I don't know about my brother!). I actually made my first quilt when I was about 16. While that quilt will never be heritage worthy, some works rise above and beyond the standard of a useful quilt.

My Mother's Star Quilt

My mother, Dr. Marjorie Marlin, was a totally amazing woman. She was the senior statistician for the Center for Social Research at the University of Missouri at Columbia for over twenty years. Math was a passion that she passed on to several of her kids (she raised two civil engineers and a math teacher).

She did embroidery, some crewel work, but mostly counted cross-stitch, for decades. It was nearly inevitable that she would discover patchwork quilting.

Eventually, she combined her love of math with piece work and developed many original star patterns which she made into a beautiful rust and green quilt that (since I'm the only quilting daughter) she left to me.

Her quilt was published (in the 1980's) in one of the quilting magazines. The local paper did an article about her and the quilt. She had always intended to publish a book with 100 original star patterns. Like the quilt, I got custody of her designs, but was never able to fully assemble the 100 original patterns.

However, it seems that I shouldn't wait to make her quilt patterns available just because I can't find tem all. So, I plan to make available, quite soon, the patterns for assembling her quilt.

Come back soon; I'm actually making very good progress! I've got all of the patterns laid out for inclusion into a booklet and am working on the final edits/corrections.


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