Basic Measurements (by Katla járnkona)

These are the basic body measurements that you will
want to take when planning to make a pattern.

Measurements for:

Basic measurements for pattern making
actualuse for pattern measurement:
A ~ Neck
B ~ Shoulder to shoulder back
C ~ Chest / Bust
D ~ Waist at navel
E ~ Hips
F ~ Sleeve length (see note below)
F1 ~ Elbow to wrist
F2 ~ Shoulder to elbow
G ~ Neck to wrist
H ~ Hand circumference
    (fingers stretched out as
    if going through a sleeve)
J ~ Biggest forearm
     (must be longer than H)
K ~ Biggest biceps
L ~ Armhole Size
    (should be approx. {C-2*B}/2)
M ~ Shoulder to underarm of sleeve
N ~ Underarm of sleeve to waist
P ~ Shoulder to waist
Q ~ Shoulder to hem
   (can be above or below the knee)
   (apron dress length is Q minus M)
R ~ Shoulder to knee (FYI)
S ~ Shoulder to floor
T ~ largest measurement
    around the head

Make your measurements:
(not all measurements required for all patterns)

Make note of actual body measurement and preferred pattern measurement
(the human will want room to move and may be wearing layers).

These measurements are used for making pants along with D & E above
U ~ Crotch depth
V ~ Waist to Waist between legs
W ~ Waist to ankle
X ~ Largest measurement
     around the thigh
Y ~ Largest measurement
     around the calf
Z ~ Largest measurement
     around ankle
     (heel to front of foot)

Note on sleeve length: Measure from the shoulder to the wrist with the elbow bent. In bending the elbow, the sleeve will shorten. One may not want one's wrists to be overly exposed.
Also, learn from my mistake: do not endeavor to have a constant 'slope' from shoulder to wrist: the forearm, typically, is too large to accommodate that angle. Use scrap material to confirm your sleeve pattern.

For best results, set your printer for landscape, not portrait.
I tried, really hard, to make it fit on a single page for your convenience. I failed.
But, if you aren't making pants, printing portrait should work for you!


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