16th century Italian sampler

I am currently working on developing a complete pattern to recreate the entire Italian Sampler.

If you might be interested in purchasing a book with the patterns, please let me know and I can let you know as a release date appears on the horizon. This is a project that started more than 25 years ago, but it is getting close now. All the patterns were re-worked from Jennifer Williams's detail photos.

My patterns on the Italian Sampler, 2021

While we may call it 'blackwork', notice that only one of the patterns on the sampler actually has black in the color: on the pattern with the gourds (which isn't even all black; it's mostly navy!).
My study of the detail photos conclude that there is one shade of green, one shade of red, one shade of gold, two shade of blue, and almost no black.

I have started my test sample piece, with different weights and manufacturers' silk thread. I'm planning on buying Amy Mitten's book, Autopsy of the Montenegrin Stitch, so that I can be better prepared for working the long-armed cross stitch, which is used in several of the patterns.

Browne, Clare and Wearden, Jennifer, Samplers from the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1999

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